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Minggu, 15 April 2012

You are just dream for me, not to be real :')

I've say that I want to be yours but you never understand. 
I spend my all time just for you 
Believe that my self was broken and so jealous when I know that you near a girl.
Maybe you never know what I feel, but I hope you feel what I feel.
I like you.
I like your face
Your behavior
I like when you admit that Iam your bestfriend.
I like all you have.
Iam in a trouble but you never care about me.
Tell me why you done it to me. Iam not over it.
Can you value my heart? Speak up boy!
You're not Dumb!
I think that I must do something new to forget you. 
You make me always feel "hope more"
I'll wait you, however maybe it's impossible
Believe me that, You Are Mine!
Yeah you are mine in my dream
And never be real

Syifa Fauziah

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